Honey – THC Infused


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We’re excited to introduce our line of infused Honey! Raw, unprocessed honey from a local supplier is infused with our own grown and extracted full-spectrum THC oil and a few drops of MCT oil, which facilitates absorption and bio-availability.

Our THC infused honey is the perfect way to add wellness to your favorite drinks or snacks.  Honey has been known to provide health benefits for centuries and acts as an effective carrier for our high quality, terpene rich THC oil.  Each serving of this natural sweetener contains 10mg of full-spectrum THC. Enjoy our THC honey by itself on a spoon or as an alternative to any sweetener!

How do you use THC honey?

There are 10mg of THC in each tsp, which is the preferred daily serving size for some people. We recommend starting with one serving per day and gradually increasing your serving if needed to get the desired results.


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